Renowned Independent Mobile and Casual Game Developer


10 Years of Success!

Since inception in 2006, Gogii Games has produced 90 unique products on 7 different platforms and in 13 languages. Published titles are available in multiple formats including Online from iTunes, the Google Play Store, Amazon’s App Store, the Windows and Windows Phone Store, and Big Fish Games’ Game Manager. Gogii has also sold and distributed games for PC/Mac Desktops, the Nintendo Wii and DS, XBOX 360, and inflight on Delta Airlines. Gogii also licenses and distributes both their proprietary IP and their existing products worldwide, including exclusive agreements throughout Europe, Asia, and the BRIC countries for unparalleled reach.

  • 500+ SKUs Since 2006
  • 90+ Products in 13 Languages
  • 150M+ Downloads
  • Focus on Free 2 Play Games
  • Award-Winning & High Achieving Original Games
  • Exclusive Rights to the Archie Comics License

The Team

Portraits by Melanie Daigle

George Donovan  President , CEO

George Donovan
President , CEO

Jeff Gallant  Director of Development

Jeff Gallant
Director of Development

Luc Goguen  VP, Executive Producer

Luc Goguen
VP, Executive Producer

Matt Sullivan  Lead Developer

Matt Sullivan
Lead Developer

Chris Simpson  Game Designer

Chris Simpson
Game Designer

Tim Murray  Art Director

Tim Murray
Art Director

Fred Dugay  Sr Developer

Fred Dugay
Sr Developer