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Creating All-New Products

Gogii develops new ideas and new games on behalf of established studios, developers, or publishers.

We co-design the game based on your desired performance and then hand off for ongoing management and optimization.



Developing to Specification

Your design team can leverage Gogii’s extensive experience with development for multi-platform release.  

Your production team manages gameplay goals and IP creation and hands-off to Gogii to execute.



Developing Your License

Gogii works with licensors to bring their mobile product ideas to life.  

With either established or new licenses or brands, Gogii handles concept ideation in partnership with your creative team.  

Production, launch, and optimization, and live operations are all managed by Gogii’s experienced, world-class team.


Virtual Families: Cook off is an arcade style action game that combines tried and tested "tap to cook" mechanics with sought after home renovation features.


Our team designed and programmed a one-of-a-kind home life simulation in which autonomous characters live and carry out tasks in a virtual world. Characters think and help to guide players as they renovate each home to their liking.

The amalgamation of home renovation and cooking mechanics was well researched by our team in an effort to combine two very popular genres with similar demographics. This effort will allow us to reach a broader audience with a wider net cast through targeted marketing.

Clear, concise efforts have also be made to clearly demonstrate the value of purchasing within the game, offering a variety of boosts to ease game-play as well as a premium currency to drive ongoing customer conversion. Players can purchase "chef hats" which can then be exchanged for goods within the game such as boosts, retries, and additional home renovations. In addition to boosts and premium currency, players start the game with a set number of "lives" that regenerate over time, encouraging non-paying players to commit to short periodic sessions throughout the day, with a need to return later when lives have refilled. Systems such as lives and boosts also allow us to focus on rewarded video ads, which are often a source of continued play while adding additional revenue streams.



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