New studio to hire more than 20 Halifax-based developers and staff


Halifax, NS, CANADA, April 28 2017. Gogii Games (‘Gogii’) is excited to announce a new office expansion to downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, that will see more than 20 new employees join the existing Gogii Games team over the coming 18 months.


Gogii’s expansion in Halifax will expand the video game design and development capabilities of the existing Moncton-based team to support additional, concurrent product development.


“In the past 10 years we have watched a strong game development community form in the Halifax area, and with our new expansion we knew it was the right place for us to grow,” says George Donovan, President of Gogii Games Corp. “Looking at the talent pool already available in the region, the 38,000+ undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Nova Scotia’s 10 universities and 13 community college campuses, and the commitment from the local and regional governments to support video game development, Halifax was an easy choice to expand Gogii’s operations.”


In 2017, Gogii will be launching three new mobile Free-to-Play games in partnership with San Francisco-based Last Day of Work Software (‘LDW’). Gogii’s teams will develop and support the titles for players to give LDW’s massive player base more of the great experiences they’ve come to expect from the brands.

Gogii and LDW are looking to Halifax to support the growth needed to accelerate the development of additional titles, and to build out Gogii’s capabilities to support opportunities worldwide.

“We are dedicated to helping companies like Gogii grow their business, connecting Gogii to local senior game developers and having in depth meetings to talk recruitment strategy are some of the services Nova Scotia Business Inc. provided to help Gogii choose Halifax.” says Laurel Broten, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Business Inc. “We look forward to Gogii’s future success.”

Gogii’s first title to launch in Q2 2017 will be “Fish Tycoon 2: Virtual Aquarium”, a new title in the storied Fish Tycoon franchise that has already seen more than 100MM lifetime downloads across the brand. With early performance of Fish Tycoon 2 through soft launch already showing better than expected results.

Beyond the exciting opportunities made possible with Gogii’s LDW partnership, Gogii is working with a US-based game publisher to work as their Research and Development team for new styles and types of games. The long-term engagement will see Gogii developing unique twists on hit games to disrupt the monotony players experience playing more carbon copies of games they’ve already tried before.

Gogii’s Studio in Halifax will be focused on hiring both Junior-level and Senior-level developers, artists, Operations and production personnel to support an ongoing growth trajectory through the end of calendar-year 2018 and beyond. For more information on hiring opportunities for Halifax-based game development staff, please e-mail jobs@gogiigames.com.


About Gogii Games
Founded in 2006, Moncton, New Brunswick-based Gogii Games is a renowned independent mobile & casual game developer with more than 160M downloads of their 90 games worldwide. Since beginning in Premium Casual development in 2006, Gogii has released a long line of Premium and Free-to-Play games developed in Unity and using Gogii’s own proprietary back-end game service platform. Today, Gogii remains focused on developing the next great experiences for mobile and social game players.

Gogii Games was founded by serial entrepreneur George Donovan. Before Gogii, George founded and sold Internet Communties Inc. in 1995, then selling Infiknowledge Inc. to NASDAQ-traded Traffix Inc. in 2001. For more than 20 years George has positioned his companies for massive growth in the internet, ICT, and gaming spaces through to the present day.

About Nova Scotia Business Inc.
Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), a Crown Corporation, is the private-sector led business development agency for the Province of Nova Scotia. To strengthen and grow the Nova Scotia economy, NSBI supports Nova Scotia businesses by providing access to business advisory services, skills development and training, market intelligence, access to financing, and support accessing global markets, and attracts innovative, globally competitive companies to establish a business location in Nova Scotia.